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 Serco Adelaide Buses are contracted to the South Australian government (The Office of Public Transport) for the provision of public transport services to over 50% of Metropolitan Adelaide. Serco commenced providing the services in January 1996 and now have responsibiltiy for three contract areas operating over 3,500 trips per day with a fleet of 408 buses. Approximately 68,000 passengers are carried each working day on Serco buses.

We requested the experts from Serco Adelaide Buses to describe the different advantages thet they managed to get after having and using efficient and well designed conyevors.

Serco Adelaide Buses is part of Serco Group plc, a British based organisation with over thirty years experience of providing systems engineering and total facilities management around the world. Today, Serco is recognised for being at the forefront of many of the changes which are enhancing the efficiency of government and industry and employs approximately 32, 500 people in 35 countries.

Serco provide support services in transport, aviation, central government, commerce and industry, defence, health services, state and local government.