What is a Low Floor, Fully Accessible Vehicle?

As a result of the South Australian Government’s commitment to a public transport system fully accessible to all, Serco now operate services with approximately 93 Low Floor Fully, Accessible vehicles in a bus fleet total of 402. These buses have a number of design facilities that improve access for passengers with a wide range of disabilities.

These facilities include one or two wheelchair locations, bright yellow stanchions, handrails and floor guidance markings to assist the vision impaired passengers, kneeling capabilities to almost kerb level, low floor technology, priority or designated seating and electronic extendable ramps for wheelchairs or passengers in need.

What is contained within this timetable?

For timetable information for Accessible Vehicles on weekends and public holidays, passengers are asked to contact the Serco Help Desk on 8376 8999.

Should I confirm before I travel?

Every effort is made by Serco to dispatch the Fully Accessible Vehicles according to the information contained within this timetable. However, changes in vehicle dispatch can occur on a daily basis due to a number of reasons. Passengers requiring accessible vehicles are advised to contact the Serco Help Desk on 8376 8999 to confirm the vehicle dispatch prior to travel.

What if I need more information?

Detailed information regarding the services contained within this document can be obtained from the relevant Public Timetable and the Office Of Public Transport’s Metroguide. These documents contain comprehensive information such as route maps, full route descriptions, major interchange map details, ticketing and tourist information and Sunday,Weekend and Public Holiday Services. The information contained within was true and accurate at the time of publication. However, Serco reserve the right to re-route or change times without prior notice to the travelling public.