Our History

Serco’s roots reach back to 1929 when RCA, the American music company set up a company to service the cinema industry in Britain. The company of today stems from over 30 years ago when RCA Ltd was awarded a contract to provide operations and maintenance services at the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) at RAF Fylingdales in the UK. This was the foundation for the business as a service company.

After a management buyout in 1987 when the company was renamed, Serco was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1988.

Commencing in the Asian Pacific region in Australia in May 1989 Serco won a first contract in 1990 to support the NSW Government’s warehouse called QStores. In 1990 Serco purchased the Government’s property services agency in NZ to gain a base in that country. Joint ventures started in Hong Kong (Serco Guardian) in 1992 and Singapore (Serco Guthrie) in 1994 with the regional group Serco Asia Pacific being set up in Sydney in 1993.

Fuelled by major outsourcing programs by the Australian and NZ Departments of Defence and the Governments of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Serco Asia Pacific has grown rapidly into a group with sales of A$350 million per annum and more than 5,500 staff. The group has a diverse capability with major businesses in military support services, transport services and the operations and maintenance of transport, utilities and other public and industrial infrastructure.

Worldwide the Serco group now has sales of A$1,500 million per annum and 25,000 staff.